Product Specifications

Aurora  400Ws Orion Softbox Kit #AU9924001  

Main specs

Type:  Studio kit

Contents:  1x Carrying Bag, 2x 60x85cm Softboxes, Modeling Lamp 100W (x2), Standard Re...


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Aurora-400Ws Orion Softbox Kit #AU9924001-Studio Lighting Kits

Kit properties


1x Carrying Bag, 2x 60x85cm Softboxes, Modeling Lamp 100W (x2), Standard Reflector (x2), 1x Sync cord, Power cord (x2), Light stand 198cm (x2), Orion 200Ws (x2)


Orion is easy to control and yet with all the cutting edge technologies.This innovative and yet affordable flash is perfect for small and medium size studios and outdoor shootings.


  • Modern compact and robust
  • Safety features
  • Extremely shock protection with over-heat and over-charge functions.
  • Auto power dump
  • Autmatically dumps high power when setting unit to lower power.
  • Dual power output display feature
  • Power output is displayed in f-stops and Ws.
  • Modular circuit board design
  • Plug in modular design with no soldering or internal wiring.
  • Short flash duration
  • Compatible with all Aurora accessories
  • Accurate and easy power control
  • accurate exposure over 5 f-stops, 1/10th f-stop power increments.     
  • Full power to 1/32 by one long button push.           
  • 1/32 to full power by one long button push.
  • Fast acting fuse for modeling lamp
  • Flash ready indicator beep when charged
  • Fan cooled for extra raliability and stability
  • 5 volt sync circuit

General specifications


Studio kit

Background Properties


Not Available


Not Available

Stand properties


6.5 '

Collapsed Height

Not Available


Not Available

Reflector/Diffuser properties


not specified



Light properties

Type of Light


Modeling Light

on/off full proportional

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number


Guide Number

Not Available

Flash Triggering

Not Available

Recycling Time

1.6 s

Fuse Rating

Not Available

Temperature Control

Not Available

Reflector Mount


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