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links & forums

For your interest, we've include some of our favourite online resources for photographic information, such as web forums and an index of Canadian photography websites.

Manitoba Camera Club

A Winnipeg-based camera club since 1932. Devoted to offering its members a better understanding of the art and science of photography and the opportunity to gain mutual benefit from practicing together the many facets of photography.

Winnipeg South Photo Club

Incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1983, the objective of this club is to provide an educational and recreational program for the benefit of its members with emphasis placed on the art of photography in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Winnipeg South Photo Club

Winnipeg Photo Club is a Winnipeg based web community site for photo enthusiasts from beginners to professionals who enjoy the hobby and want to have fun and take pictures.

Professional Photographers of Canada

PPOC represents Canadian professional photographers. This organization was formed to establish a strong national identity for all those involved in the photographic industry. Find a photographer in your area.

Regina Photo Club

Founded in 1978 by a handful of avid photographers interested in sharing their photographic experiences and skills with others.

Goal is to promote the art of photography and "become better acquainted with the art of photography."

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